Is Amazon Enabling Counterfeiters?

A Forbes article I read recently painted a pretty shocking picture of the dangers facing both Amazon sellers and customers from Chinese counterfeiters. What’s the fuss about? I After some research, you hit on the obvious. Hang your shingle in one of the biggest, busiest and best known markets in the world: Amazon. You’re not…

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The Real Purpose Of Social Media For Business

If you’re a millennial then wondering about the real purpose of social media for business probably never crosses your mind.  If you’re older than 35 and in any management role, then it might be something you wonder about. Social Media has become so much a fabric of our society that it’s almost impossible for anyone…

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The State of Social Media


When I first began this blog, most of the posts were dedicated to educating small / medium size businesses on the importance of social media. At the time, many were wondering what the fuss about Facebook was and who the heck wanted to know what you had for breakfast on Twitter.  I spent a long…

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Coke – Be flawesome in your Social Media Marketing

Coke’s Wendy Clark, when interviewed by CNN, explains that they are now being ‘flawesome’ in their social media marketing activities. Gaining engagement and ROI in Social Media depends on 7 important factors, according to Clark. And when you make mistakes… be ‘flawesome’! What does that mean?  Clark says it means digging into the mistakes, or…

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Ready for Facebook Timeline? If not here’s what you should know

Facebook Timeline is being made live tomorrow 30th March 2012.  If you’re ready, that’s great, but if not here are some things you should take care of before you’re left ‘faceless’. Create your Timeline Cover Photo – the dimensions are 325 pixels high x 850 pixels wide This cover photo is a fantastic opportunity for…

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