The Engagement Game – Facebook’s Latest

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Using social media for business means learning to play ‘the engagement game’. It’s logical that to be successful socially, you have to engage with your social circle often and effectively.  Otherwise you’re playing the ‘old school marketing’ game where you’d put out a message and hope it resonated with your target audience. Social Media Marketing…

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Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards open to all

On the heels of Facebook’s Timeline Promotion update, now Twitter has opened it’s Lead Generation Cards to all Twitter users promoted tweets. The concept is simple.  You’re probably familiar with the expanded tweet feature which allow you to click on the ‘expand’ link to see more.  If not, here’s a screenshot of an expanded tweet…

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Social Media drives ROI for FMCG brands – Fourth Source

For those of my friends in North Amercia: FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Things consumers buy regularly eg grocery items Image source:… The latest research from the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) shows 90% consumers would recommend a brand after interacting on social media. The research Continue Reading Source: Rss

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The 7 Steps for Leveraging Social Media Marketing – Green Industry Pros

Interesting look at leveraging social media Image source: http://www.greenindustrypros.c… By following these strategies, youâ??ll find social media to be a rewarding, enjoyable and profitable endeavor. Continue Reading Source: Rss

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Influencer Marketing: The Evolution From Content to Cultivation

Cultivating influence in your market using social media Image source:… From Yahoo! Finance: Online influencers are using social media to shape brand perceptions and sway both B2C and B2B purchasing decisions on a scale that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Successful marketers know that … Continue Reading Source: Rss

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