How friendly should your Social Media posts be?

I’ve just been watching an interesting interview on some of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re trying to make money with social media. One of the mistakes mentioned was ‘putting too much personal stuff into your posts’. Great point, but like many things in life, it’s difficult to be absolutely hard and fast about this…

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Why every business needs a WordPress blog.

If you want to reach more prospects on the internet this year – and who doesn’t? – there are a few vital things that you need to do. All these vital things add up to one major strategy: be where your customers and prospects are. The good news is that all these vital steps are…

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Creating an effective Social Media campaign

As I’ve said before, a key ingredient in any internet marketing is real estate.  By that I mean that the more ‘locations’ on the internet where you are exposed, the more likely you are to see action derived from the internet. It’s a fairly simple and logical strategy, but it does require some planning and…

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