Email Marketing Is Not Dead

email marketing

Email marketing is not dead and here’s why:

1. It’s not subject to the vagaries of algorithm changes
2. It can be very specific in it’s reach – your own opted in email list is your most responsive list
3. It gets directly into their inbox
4. It allows you to provide your list with useful information and become a trusted resource

Having said all that, there are a few caveats:

1. Don’t spam
2. Don’t email cheap bought lists which are probably scraped nefariously and haven’t given permission to be emailed
3. Don’t look at email as a stand-alone quick fix
4. Don’t email too frequently or too little

email marketingEmail marketing should be part of your balanced, comprehensive marketing program. It should fall under the banner of ‘Social Media’ and should both complement and reinforce your social campaigns.

There are two main components to building your opt in email list. We’ll deal with the most obvious and the most beneficial first: your existing customers.

Emailing Your Existing Customers:

In most instances, especially with B2B organizations, you will already have your existing customer’s emails. It’s a good idea to get their permission to email them above and beyond your normal email communications to them. Once you explain what and how often you will email them, most customers will be happy to receive your email offers, articles and newsletters.

If you don’t have your customer’s email addresses, then you should immediately implement a plan to get these. If you are not sure how to go about this, please feel free to contact me. It’s important and a good, solid, accurate email list is worth its weight in gold! Literally.

Building Your Email List With New Prospects:

There are many ways of doing this, but the easiest is usually by using Social Media.

Build your New Prospect opted in email list by offering an ‘ethical bribe’ such as free information, a discount or some other attractive incentive. You can do this a straight offer or weave these offers into the context of a contest to create a little bit more excitement. Once again, if you need help with this, contact me.

What Kinds of Emails Should You Send:

Email newsletters – for B2B organizations once a month is usually the optimum time frame. Research shows that people prefer getting either monthly or weekly emails as opposed to quarterly or daily.

Email newsletters are not difficult to put together or to send on a regular basis. I will deal with this process in a future article.

Educational Information – information that helps your customers get the maximum benefit from your products / services is always a good idea. It could be a series of ‘How To’ articles sent to customers after a specific purchase, or a series sent to prospects prior to purchase educating them as the benefits of the purchase.

Updates and Behind-The-Scenes Peeks – keeping customers and prospects up to date with your organization’s development, achievements and goals, along with a peek of what’s happening behind-the-scenes helps develop loyalty and a sense of relationship.

These are just 3 suggestions about what kinds of emails will help you build relationships with your customers and prospects.

The advantage of these types of emails is that they are low-key and of benefit to the recipient. They aren’t hard sell annoyances. Even if a recipient doesn’t open the email, they see your name and the subject line. That breeds top-of-the-mind awareness.

Unlike social media posts, these messages stay in their inbox until they are deleted, allowing them to open them either immediately or later when they have time. Social media posts have a very short shelf life and can be tricky to get in front of your target audience at exactly the right time. Their email Inbox, on the other hand, is always open.

Hopefully, this has given you pause for thought. If you’d like to find out more about how to incorporate successful email marketing into your marketing strategy, feel free to contact me.