Google+: move over Facebook!

Vancouver Social Media Consultant takes a look at the new Google+.

Move over Facebook! Move over Twitter!

There’s a new social networking face in town, and although not everyone’s invited to the party as yet, it promises to be an interesting scene once it goes public.

Google+ is Google’s solution to Facebook’s intent: to BE your internet – the place you do absolutely everything online.  And, let’s face it, with the multitude of Google tools and apps they have in place right now, they’re in an excellent position to make it happen.

Think about it:  Gmail, Google search, Google Chrome, Google docs, Google analytics, Google chat, Google voice, YouTube etc…  They pretty much ‘own’ the internet.  Everyone else is simply playing in their ball park.

By the looks of things, they have several improvements over the way that Facebook and Twitter currently operate.  Take Facebook’s approach to friends, for one.  In Facebook it’s not that easy to segment your connections into different friend groups and then post specific information to the specific groups.  It looks as if Google+ Circles may just have that taped.

If Google+ turns out to be anything at all like it’s advertised, it’s going to be the ultimate social networking venue.  Easily accessible, intuitive (or that’s the aim, at least), logical – the set-up promises all the functionality of a Facebook/Twitter combo without many of the frustrations.  Take creating groups of different types of ‘friends’ on Facebook for instance.

While Facebook has all kinds of quirkiness about how and who can ‘like’ what, as well as a whole slew of plug ins to facilitate the process, Google+ will simply have a button, right there on the browser that you click. ‘Sparks’ is set to make viral become an epidemic.

Facebook’s ‘Groups’ are kind of clunky and Google’s answer is ‘Hangouts’.

It remains to be seen if this is an easier tool to use, but, it sure sounds great in the promo!

If you haven’t yet seen Google’s introduction to Google+, you can watch it below:

And here’s an interesting article about the subject by Jay Baer which also contains some interesting links:

As it’s not yet universally available, we’d suggest you continue with your other social media presences… Google+ will no doubt be a valuable addition to the mix, but until Mark Zuckerberg closes shop, I’d say we still need to play nice with Facebook… after all, the Baby Boomers have only just started getting on board for the ride and it’s unlikely that they’ll switch to a new ride until it’s well and truly tested.