Is your Social Media campaign effective?

So you’ve set up a Social Media network and you’re gathering friends and followers like a driveway collects leaves in Fall.  They seem to come from who knows where and they keep arriving, even after the branches are bald.

But are you really achieving anything? Is it impacting your bottom line?  Or are you wasting your time?

Because Social Media is so fluid, it’s sometimes difficult to draw a direct correlation between your social media activities and sales.  There are times when you can do so quite easily – for instance, if you run a competition or promotion on your social media venues such as Facebook, or if you track other initiatives which require direct response.  But even then, the participation cannot always be tracked directly to a sale, especially if the prospect only purchases some time later.

So is Social Media a waste of time?

No, I don’t believe it is.  Here’s why:  Social Media activity increases your brand awareness in your market place in a more potent and cost-effective manner than with traditional advertising.  It’s like tossing a stone into a pool – the ripples keep moving out in a wider and wider circle reaching further and further away.

However this effect relies on your ability to generate a high enough level of activity to raise your visibility and form connections that result in valuable backlinks and activity on your internet real estate.  The key is having the right balance between activity and time spent.

Achieving this balance is not easy, which is why most organizations either hire someone full time to do this or outsource.  Even then, it’s a very good idea for someone at upper management level to be involved in monitoring the ‘chatter’ to get a feel for the mood and focus of your ‘friends and followers’.

Social Media makes it easy to keep a finger on the pulse of your market providing an invaluable guide when strategizing your marketing and P.R efforts. – it’s particularly helpful in helping you set the tone for your communications.

Social Media is a bit like playing chess.  You need to figure out your moves carefully and continually assess what’s happening on the board.  It’s not a ‘paint by numbers’ activity, even though some of the processes can be automated.

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