Ready for Facebook Timeline? If not here’s what you should know

Facebook Timeline is being made live tomorrow 30th March 2012.  If you’re ready, that’s great, but if not here are some things you should take care of before you’re left ‘faceless’.

  1. Create your Timeline Cover Photo – the dimensions are 325 pixels high x 850 pixels wide
    This cover photo is a fantastic opportunity for branding – it creates a huge splash across the screen when your page is loaded, so make the most of it with an image that’s both suitable for your business as well as intriguing.  Be sure to adhere to Facebook’s guidelines and don’t use any kind of call to action or incentive or request to ‘like’ your page
  2. Create a profile photo of at least 180 x 180 pixels – remember that this will be situated overlapping the bottom left corner of the Cover Photo so be sure to make it something that complements your main image
  3. Make use of apps and the icons that are now so visible on your Timeline:
    While the old style ‘reveal tab’ set up is gone for good tomorrow, the new style app set up is even better!  Remember when Facebook dropped the menu at the top of the Page and put it on the side?  Remember how we all bemoaned the fact that our nifty reveal tabs were now all but hidden?  Well with the new app set up, you can not only display your apps above the fold, but you can create custom icons that will entice people to click!  What a wonderful marketing opportunity!
  4. Be sure to go into your settings as well – there are some significant changes and you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these.  For one thing, you can now set it so that all comments and posts on your wall have to be approved by an admin as opposed to the old setting whereby comments and posts by anyone other than admins was either allowed or not… now it’s more like a WordPress set up where people can comment and post, but it can be set so that an admin approves each instance before it goes public.


These, in my opinion, are the most significant changes and I believe that they’re a fantastic improvement on the previous situation!

If you need help in getting your Facebook Timeline to work effectively for you, you’re welcome to contact me.

For a more detailed look as the changes click here