Is Social Media a waste of time for businesses?

Is business social media a waste of time or can it be used to generate leads effectively?

(Recent study shows results of top 100 companies first 12 months of social media lead generation implementation.)

One of the objections many businesses have to getting involved in Social Media is that  they think social media is a purely social activity and therefore it must be a waste of time for business.  After all, you don’t mix business and pleasure – or do you?

The fact is that  Social Media is ‘Word of Mouth’ on steroids. it’s the place where people give and receive advice and opinions about all kinds of things – including products and services.

In our rapidly developing technological based world, the one common denominator in diverse industries is the ability to communicate more easily and quickly using the internet.

This only works because when people search for products and services, they use the internet more than any other method.  YouTube is not just a video site – it’s now considered the 2nd largest search engine!  Social media venues have already gained more popularity than Google collectively  and it makes a lot of sense to tap into that massive stream of traffic activity.

Social Media is becoming a popular vehicle for businesses to deliver information and even customer service for the simple reason that these are the places where customers are spending time.

A Wet Paint study revealed that of the top 100 companies that had implemented Social Media, the impact was an average bottom line increase of 18% during the first 12 months of their involvement.

This is huge.  And, not only did Social Media positively impact sales, it also, in some cases, was used to decrease the COST of delivering customer service and INCREASE efficiency.

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