Social media: do customers really use it?

Thinking about using Social Media for business?

Can I use really use Social Media for Lead Generation? People often wonder if Social Media  works for business lead generation and whether I think that their customers and prospects are really participating in Social Media platforms.

My answer is yes to both questions.

The internet is simply the quickest and most comprehensive way to find what you’re looking for.  If businesses don’t participate in the venues where their customers and prospects are looking they will simply not be found.

Did you know that while 97% of consumers use the internet to research and find products and services before they make a purchasing decision, fully 92% of businesses do exactly the same? If you want to be seen in the places your customers are searching then you simply have to be involved in the same Social Media venues as they are.

Because Social Media is responsible for a huge percentage of the traffic on the internet, and because this trend is growing daily, it’s essential to make it a part of your online marketing strategy. Facebook has more traffic than Google.  Combined with the other social networking venues, this makes social media an absolute powerhouse in your online marketing tool box.In addition to having a strong social media presence, you also need to be visible in other online mediums such as the most popular online directories, and of course, in Google Places, or as it’s often called, Google Maps.

Lead generation online requires a lot more than just a pretty web site. One web site alone will never provide you with the volume of traffic, the online authority and the ‘everywhere’ exposure necessary to generate an ongoing stream of new leads – the life blood of every successful business.

If you’re thinking about getting involved in any kind of internet marketing, you’ll find more valuable information at  This site also offers a free white paper that explains how how businesses are leveraging the new online platforms.