Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards open to all

On the heels of Facebook’s Timeline Promotion update, now Twitter has opened it’s Lead Generation Cards to all Twitter users promoted tweets.

The concept is simple.  You’re probably familiar with the expanded tweet feature which allow you to click on the ‘expand’ link to see more.  If not, here’s a screenshot of an expanded tweet to show you:

The first image shows the unexpanded tweet with the Expand link, the second shows what happens when you click on the Expand link:

twitter lead generation card 2

Twitter lead generation card1






With Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards, when someone clicks on the expand link there will be a form pre-populated with their details: name, Twitter user name and email. You can see what this will look like here in this screenshot from Twitter:

Twitter lead generation card 3


How convenient is that?!
All that the user now has to do is click the submit button – in this instance ‘join the club’ and they’re now on your mailing list!

Twitter Lead Generation is now made really easy!

What’s great about his is that:

  • it’s immediate
  • it’s so easy that the user will be more likely to click than not
  • you know all the information is correct because it’s using the primary email that the user has registered with Twitter for communication purposes
  • unlike Facebook likes etc, here you actually get the email so that you can now move that user out from the Twitter sphere into other lead generation mechanisms if you so choose

If you want to set up your own Twitter Lead Generation cards, here’s a step by step cheat sheet:

  1. Sign up for a Twitter advertising account if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Make sure you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) – check with Twitter for details on which integrate with them. A CRM manages the lead information you are collecting so that you can effectively build, segment and access your customer or prospect list.
  3. Log into your Twitter advertising dashboard and from the drop down menu under the wheel on the right of the top nav bar, choose Twitter Ads
  4. Then click ‘Advertising’ in the top left
  5. Then click ‘Cards’twitter-cards-1
  6. On the next page, choose ‘Create New Card’
    twitter card 2

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to create your offer and call to action!

I will post information about how to create a compelling offer and call to action in a future post.

I hope that this quick tutorial on how to use Twitter even more effectively using the new Twitter Lead Generation Cards has been helpful!