What kind of Social Media person are you?

There are many ways to track your Social Media efforts.

Tools such as Twitalyzer provide an overview of your overall Social Media influence by gathering relevant information from across various Social Media monitors across the web.

One of the fun ways to monitor your evolution on the Social Media landscape is to define what kind of Social Media user you are.

Lisa Barone’s article “5 Types of Influencers on the Web” names and defines the different types of users and these definitions are generally used by most authorities to describe typical Social Media activity.

According to Barone, these are:

The Social Butterflies

You know the type – in ‘real’ life they’re the ones who make it their business to touch on everyone and help people connect.  They’re visible everywhere and are the perfect person to know at any social gathering as they can probably connect you with anyone present whom you haven’t yet met.

Social Media Social Butterflies are the same and they’re very useful people to follow and with whom to interact.

The Thought Leaders

Thought leaders post content that gets retweeted and cited as ‘authority’ content on the web.  Just like in ‘real’ life, these are the people who analyze and present their findings on the hot topics of the day.  Because their content is so relevant and sought after they get a huge percentage of comments, @mentions and retweets.

Generally speaking, these are not people that worry too much about interacting with others.  Even though they may be cited all over the Social Media landscape, they tend to stick to personally interacting with a close circle and letting others do their ‘connecting’ for them.

If you can get a thought leader to @mention or retweet your content, you gain instant credibility with their followers.

The Trendsetters

In traditional marketing, ‘trendsetters’ are described as ‘early adopters’ and in Social Media, their behavior is the same as it is in the ‘real’ world.

These are the people who’re first to try every new product or technology and rave about it to their friends.  The object for them is not necessarily to actually benefit from the new ‘toy’ so much as it is to benefit from the recognition they gain from being the first to adopt the newest developments in all spheres.

By the time their friends have followed them, they’re usually already off to the next newest thing.

If you want to stay abreast of what’s happening, follow a trendsetter and you’ll probably know the inside scoop before anyone else in your social circle.

The Reporters

Once again, Social Media mirrors ‘real’ life and Social Media reporters are the ones who bring information to light and ensure it gets seen.  Bloggers can compared to journalists with syndicated columns who regularly report on issues of importance in a particular industry or Public Relations specialists with press connections.

They’re visible because of the sheer volume of information they publish and they are prolific in their linking to others in the industry.  In this way, they’re similar to Social Butterflies, but they concentrate on getting press coverage.

Reporters who become influential know how to get the attention of the players in their industry and being ‘reported’ by a reporter can spin off benefits such as being linked to by those who matter in your field.

The Everyday Customer

Everyday Customers stick to a smaller circle of friends than Reporters or Social Butterflies.  On the other hand, the connections with their circle tend to be very strong.  Just as in ‘real’ life, these Everyday Customers have a strong influence over their immediate circle and are the ones who – for the most part – actually buy your product.

They aren’t really concerned about establishing their influence on the Social Media landscape.  Instead, they see Social Media as a way to conveniently connect more closely with an already established group.

Be sure to not ignore these people – they are the ones you really want to sell to and all your other connections are made primarily to get the attention of as many Everyday Customers as you can.

Think about gathering Everyday Customer followers and friends in the same way you approach building your customer and prospect mailing lists.

Nurture and guard them.  And never, ever ignore them. Individually they may not carry much clout, but aggregated they are more powerful than any other group.

So which Social Media influencer are you?  Use a tool like Twitalyer.com to see…

By the way… at present, I am a Social Butterfly 🙂

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