Why every business needs a WordPress blog.

If you want to reach more prospects on the internet this year – and who doesn’t? – there are a few vital things that you need to do.

All these vital things add up to one major strategy: be where your customers and prospects are.

The good news is that all these vital steps are easy to take.  Either by yourself, if you’re that way inclined and have the time, or with help from an expert who takes care of it for you.

The first vital thing every business should take care of in 2011 is setting up a WordPress blog. Why? Because you need as much dynamic internet real estate as you can possibly claim and WordPress is the answer to a web site that is easy to manage and update on a regular basis – and you can link it with all your social media venues.  Search engines love WordPress blogs and if they’re updated regularly they will always outrank a traditional site.

WordPress is THE web site building platform right now.  It can be as simple or as complex as you wish.  There are literally tens of thousands of free themes out there to help you brand your presence including ones that can be customized.  If you can’t find one that works for you, getting a custom theme created is way more cost effective than commissioning someone to build you a good traditional corporate site.

And once your WordPress site is up you can configure it to mimic the layout of a traditional site or show its dynamic personality by having all your latest posts appear on the landing page.

Perhaps the biggest reason a WordPress site makes more sense than a traditional site is that it can be set up so that anyone you designate can get in easily and quickly to make updates without messing up the site if they make a mistake.  In fact, it’s so simple that with some very basic familiarization, it’s virtually idiot proof.  Not that you or your staff are idiots, but it’s always nice to feel secure about these things if you’re not too techy.

Once your site is set up there are a gazillion plug-ins available to add almost any functionality you could desire – plug-ins that facilitate SEO through to plug-ins that turn your site into a membership site with full ecommerce functionality.

Once your WordPress site is tweaked to your satisfaction, it’s time to link it up with all your other internet real estate such as your Facebook Page, your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and even your YouTube channel.  Post once and your information can be disseminated to all these venues which saves you time and increases your exposure dramatically.

If you’ve been contemplating setting up a new site or revamping an old presence, give WordPress serious consideration.  Check it out at WordPress.org which is the home of the WordPress software for self-hosted sites.

If you have any questions, please feel free ask me by commenting or emailing me.